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One of the keys to losing weight is doing the right workouts for hypothyroidism. What is the “right” kind of workout? Great question! If you struggle to lose weight, and have hypothyroidism, low-impact workouts are going to be your best choice. And when you find programs that you can do at home, you’ll be more […]

How I lost 55 lbs with at-home workouts


If you have Hashimoto’s or hypothyroidism, you might wonder if you’ll ever be able to workout again! Thyroid issues like these can leave you feeling sluggish, exhausted, and you likely have sore joints and muscles. Read on to find out about the best workouts for Hashimoto’s. When you’re feeling this tired, it can be impossible […]

Best Workouts for Hashimoto’s


I recently had the opportunity to test the Job 1 program from Beachbody, before it was released to the public. For achieving significant milestones in my coaching business, I was invited to this exclusive group. I was honored and thrilled to be chosen, and knew I had to go all in with the test group! […]

Beachbody Job 1 and Hashimoto’s