Wish someone would just tell you exactly
how to lose 15 lbs...and how to keep it off?

Tried everything 
to lose weight,
but nothing works?

Your exact roadmap for losing at least 15 lbs, once and for all.

Commit 66

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A new road to weight loss

Your Pinterest board is filled with recipes, but they're hard and time consuming. Besides, your family is not going to eat zucchini noodles and kale.

frustrating food

You've pressed play on YouTube workouts. You've tried walking more (wasn't that supposed to help?) And you've added more cardio.

yet another workout

You've counted calories. Tracked macros. Done Whole30, Paleo, and Keto. And everything has left you more frustrated than before.

Counting calories

I get it. Losing weight feels like a never-ending battle. You've tried absolutely everything (like downloading allll the free meal plans), but nothing helps take the weight off.

And the super frustrating part? Feeling uncomfortable in your skin has impacted your confidence at home and at work. You're SO frustrated with where you are, but you don't know how to fix it.

Something has to change.

Maybe it's your thyroid. Maybe it's menopause. But whatever it is, one thing is super clear:

Losing weight is too damn hard.

You've thought about giving up, settling for a life that doesn't feel as vibrant or exciting, because you've truly tried it all:

If all you needed was 
another meal plan, you would have lost weight by now.

Work and family keep you too busy for weight loss, but here's the deal...

I've got the roadmap to help you unlock
weight loss success

Trust me, I know exactly how you feel.
But here's the good news...

Lose at least 15 lbs

Have all-day energy

Feel confident and proud

Be strong, healthy, and sexy

Weight loss doesn't have to be so hard, I promise. Truly, all you need is the right approach. One that actually works. That fits your goals. Your family. Your life as a busy professional, and as a loving mom. An approach that gives you THESE results:

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Commit 66 takes you from feeling like a weight-loss failure, to losing your first 15 lbs, gaining confidence, energy, and never feeling "stuck" in weight loss again!

Commit 66


Simple nutrition that fits your life, even with road trips, work travel, eating out, holidays, and every (crazy, busy!) day in between...all without meal prep!

Anti-inflammatory recipes and meal plans that work for you and your family, that have you cooking full dinners just 3 times a week!

The Commit 66 Difference: tools to identify sneaky habits and behaviors that keep you stuck PLUS neuroscience-backed solutions to rewire your brain, boost motivation, crush excuses, and reach your goals.

Fitness guidance to help you lose weight faster (seriously!), unlocking the fast-track to strong, lean, and sexy!

On this 10-week journey, you'll get the exact roadmap to lose at least 15 lbs, including:

Commit 66 is
your new road to weight loss

The Commit 66 Difference teaches you to think differently about weight loss, which is what other plans completely miss.

Fitness, nutrition, and neuroscience, all designed to fit easily into your life as a corporate, working mom.

If you've ever tried low-cal, restrictive, or boring meal plans,
this is not that.

Tool kits and guides to help you spend less time in the kitchen, and more time enjoying the food you eat!

A personalized approach to fitness, that works into your life, to give you the results you're looking for, without wasting your time.

A unique approach to nutrition and fitness, to kick-start weight loss FAST

Discover exactly how to hack your brain, to achieve the weight-loss results you're after - the life-changing piece of this program!

Weekly LIVE coaching sessions make this specific to YOU, to help you get the results you've always dreamed of!

Unpack the neuroscience behind why it's been so difficult for you to lose weight

Learn how to manage your habits and thought patterns PLUS spot hidden areas of sabotage...and learn how to solve them!

Lose weight faster, have more energy, boost your confidence, and start loving your life again!

A custom approach that's unlike anything you've tried before

Uncover exactly what you'll learn:

Let's take a peek under the hood, and...

Ditch cardio for strength training which decreases inflammation, promotes weight loss, and leaves you feeling strong and energized all day

Celebrate together when you've lost your first 5-6 lbs!

Meal plans and nutrition kits, including a full list of anti-inflammatory foods

Your new habits become your lifestyle with solutions for tackling roadblocks around mindset, meal planning, and fitness, so you stay on course

Pack Your Bags

module 9, 10

module 8

module 6, 7

module 4, 5

module 1, 2, 3

Rev up the mindset model: THE most powerful tool in your weight loss journey, that flips habits and behaviors to help you get "unstuck"

Stress management techniques to use anytime "life" happens, or when your new habits start to feel challenging

We'll build your custom, healthy (and anti-inflammatory) recipe bank with meals that you and your family will love

Discover how to adapt any recipe easily, just by using simple ingredient swaps

Map Reading

module 9, 10

module 8

module 6, 7

module 4, 5

module 1, 2, 3

Maximize weight loss when you pair Component Cooking™ and portion sizes specific to your weight loss goals (no more counting calories!)

Master the right mindset to ensure that finding the "right food" to support your goals, is never an issue again

Go behind-the-scenes of my signature Component Cooking™ method, which simplifies your nutrition forever!

Cook less and eat more, with step-by-step guidance on building your own meal plans

The Rubber Meets the Road

module 9, 10

module 8

module 6, 7

module 4, 5

module 1, 2, 3

Fitness that travels with you (instead of starting over once you get home!)

Course correcting, unexpected situations, and maintaining your journey despite it all

Practical solutions for special situations -- learn how to infuse your new lifestyle into your real life

Navigating holidays, office meet-ups, social gatherings, traveling, eating out, and more!


module 9, 10

module 8

module 6, 7

module 4, 5

module 1, 2, 3

Rewrite outdated stories and thoughts, so your confidence and belief in yourself continues to grow

Solutions for continuing your journey and maintaining your anti-inflammatory lifestyle

By this point, you've lost 10-15 lbs, your energy has skyrocketed, and you can't imagine your life any other way!

Tools and resources to maximize your new habits, for lifelong health and wellness

Heading Home

module 9, 10

module 8

module 6, 7

module 4, 5

module 1, 2, 3

I tried all of the diets. Ate less. Worked out more. Counted calories. Looked for fast fixes. Visited doctor after doctor, frustratingly waiting for lab results...and solutions.

One dark morning, 50+ lbs overweight and struggling with depression and very low confidence, all I could do was cry. I fell apart on my basement floor, after trying an online workout. I couldn't keep up, and it actually made me feel worse.

That morning, I reached a breaking point. In that moment, I decided I wasn't ready to give up. It took a lot for me to start again.

But then...

Hi, I'm Ashley, and I know 100% how you feel right now, because I've been there, too.

Meet your guide

I went to work, refusing to be defeated,
to figure out the secrets to
losing weight once and for all.

Become truly healthy and confident again

Actually lose weight, and keep it off for good

Eat without weekend-long meal prep, feeling deprived, or skipping social events

Manage my habits and thoughts, to never feel stuck with weight loss again!

After losing 55 lbs (even with hypothyroidism), I discovered how to:

Now, as a health coach, I teach corporate and working moms the exact framework to lose 15 lbs or more, while gaining confidence, energy, and that excitement for life that you've been missing!

valued at $47

With the new foods you'll be eating, keep these 5-minute sauces and dressings on hand!

Sauces & Dressings


valued at $97

I'll make over your family's favorite meal, and give you a version everyone will love!


Eating out has never been easier with the handy resources in this guide

valued at $74

On The Go


Get these exclusive bonuses

And what's more, you'll also...

Family Meal

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So, are you ready to finally
lose 15 lbs and feel amazing?

- Mari Ann M.

I didn't think I would ever lose weight or get my energy back. Commit 66 worked because I learned how to cook anti-inflammatory meals that also feed my family (who still loves dairy and gluten) without me having to cook two meals, or feeling like I can't participate in our family activities."

"I lost 11 lbs in 4 weeks! I am in tears telling you this because I've tried so many other approaches that didn't stick.

- Shannon J.

Since today is the last "official" day, I had to let you know how successful I have been with Commit 66. Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement along the way! This program is definitely something I can stick with to reach my health goals."

"I lost 17 lbs, and 14.5 total inches in the 10 weeks we worked together!

- Carrie B.

I am really excited to finally be working with a coach who calls me on my resistance, and helps me focus on my mindset, emotions, and the mental game around my food, nutrition, and exercise. Your approach is so unique! I'm so excited that you came into my world and that you are showing up in such beautiful ways to challenge and help me grow!"

"Other coaches have helped, but you're doing it in such a different way.

- Jen h.

I'm making healthy choices and not feeling deprived. A few weeks into working with you and last night's dinner banquet at my daughter's school was proof that I'm shifting for me, and it feels easier! Thank you SO MUCH!"

"I lost a few more lbs this week! First day under 200 lbs since 2020! This is a weight that I always felt had to be really hard to maintain.

- Kathy S.

It feels so good to know that this isn't a diet, it's a change in my mindset and how I live, and I feel really comfortable knowing that I can do this for life."

"I've lost weight, my sugar cravings are gone, and the rollercoaster of emotions I was on every week has leveled out.

kind words

real results from students

You feel like you should be able to figure this out on your own. You've tried, and you're here because it hasn't worked. You can stop trying to DIY and hack your health, because with Commit 66 you'll get solutions that help you lose the weight fast, and for good!

You don't want to give up your favorite foods. While you'll likely have to make some substitutions, you'll discover how to eat foods that you love (hello, tacos, burgers, and nachos!), while losing weight, gaining energy, and finding more focus!

You're going on vacation, have kids home for a school break, or it's the holidays. These have been stumbling blocks in the past, because you didn't know how to navigate them. Getting started NOW is how you lose the weight, and you'll keep it off, no matter what's happening in your life.

Commit 66 is the best
program for you, even if...

The only approach built for corporate and working moms.

Commit 66 gives you the nutrition, fitness, and mindset tools to lose at least 15 lbs during our 10 weeks together. I can't guarantee weight loss (unless I came to live with you!) You don't have to be perfect to get these results. You just need to give yourself 66 days.

How much weight can I expect to lose, and how quickly?


When you implement the nutrition, fitness, and neuroscience framework I give you, this will work for you. Women who join Commit 66 see an improvement in weight loss and energy within the first week. And what's more is how happy they are, which helps them complete the entire program.

How can I know this will work for me?


I get it! This program was designed specifically for corporate/working moms who don't have time. This plan helps you lose weight even with family and work. There's no fluff -- I value your time! We'll get right to the good stuff, so you can get amazing results!

I want to join, but I'm worried I don't have time for this right now.


So you have some questions....

your questions answered

Literally all of my clients say the same thing! You are smart and resourceful. Commit 66 will give you the tools you're missing, and will help you pull together what you already know with what you need to know...so that you can finally see weight loss results!

I already know what I'm supposed to do..but I don't do it. Will this help?


Commit 66 gives you anti-inflammatory nutrition and low-impact fitness, specifically designed for working moms. Plus, you get the mindset framework backed by neuroscience. This is the key to lifelong weight loss. I give you live coaching on this approach, and teach you how to use it everyday!

How is this different than the other diets I've already tried?


Whether you have a thyroid issue, are in peri/menopause, or just want to get healthier, this approach is built for you. Every woman over 35 years old benefits from anti-inflammatory nutrition, low-impact fitness, and the mindset and habits that create success (and results!)

I have/don't have hypothyroidism. Will this work for me?


So, while you could try a 21- or 30-day program, chances are you won't truly adopt the habits you build in that time. That's where Commit 66 comes in!

Instead of wasting time with programs that are too short for lasting results, Commit 66 gives you everything you need to build weight loss habits for life...plus 66 days of hands-on coaching with me, to ensure you walk away with habits that stick.

With Commit 66 you'll lose weight faster, and rediscover your confident, energetic self much quicker!

it takes 66 days to make a habit automatic.

Research shows that...

are moms (with kids of any age), working full time, and who travel occasionally for work.

have hit threshold - the point where you're 100% fed up with lack of results, and you're ready to do exactly what it takes to hit your weight loss goals.

can dedicate 90-minutes a week to this program (1-hour for live group coaching, and 15-30 minutes for each weekly lesson

are excited to try an approach that will get results...even if it feels different and a bit out of the box 

wants more than just another meal plan or fitness routine, but who is looking for a complete framework  (backed by neuroscience) to finally see results

Commit 66 is the only program for women who...

Sweet friend, you've been trying to figure this out for a long (long!) time.
Just imagine, 66 days from now:

because Commit 66
is different.

You'll leave this program feeling different...

Losing at least 15 lbs and feeling confident about wearing shorts, jeans, and to feel excited shopping for new clothes

Hitting your weight loss goals by spending less time cooking (and zero time meal prepping!)

Knowing exactly how to work with your brain to get unstuck when you feel your progress sliding (this is the secret sauce!)

ready anytime for a family/outside adventure, and not worrying about what to wear

Bursting with
confidence at work, having more energy and focus to tackle big projects (and big career moves!)

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So, are you ready to lose 15 lbs, have all-day energy, and reclaim your life?

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