with an anti-inflammatory plan that is actually family-friendly?

Kick-start weight loss
by cooking less?

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For professional moms who want to eat more, cook less, and lose weight

The Family Fork


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Supper Club

In your quest to find the "right" meal plan or recipe, you end up with too many! At this point you don't even know where to start to actually lose weight.

Info overload


Meal planning, trying to figure out what everyone in the family wants, grocery shopping, meal prepping...there is just no time, and it takes too much energy.

Too much energy


Losing weight while working full time and cooking for your family is just too hard. They won't eat what you make. So your weight loss suffers.

it's just too hard


I know...you've collected ALL the recipes for healthy, anti-inflammatory meals. You've  even tried Whole30, Paleo, Keto, Weight Watchers. But you're still not losing weight.

When you try to plan a family dinner using your new recipes, it all goes out the window! Your family won't eat what you're making. It takes too much time to make two meals every night. You're tired of depriving yourself of "fun" foods.

At some point, you ditch the "diet", because cooking for yourself and your family has become too difficult.

You have all of the best intentions to lose weight, but I bet this is how you're feeling instead...

Is family dinner time derailing your weight loss?

Hey there busy, working mom: here's an important question for you...

Kick-start weight loss, while spending
less time in the kitchen

But here's thing. I know how you feel. I've been exactly where you are...and I've got the secret to

Meal planning in 20 min/week

ONE meal for you and your family each night

Delicious meals that leave you happy

Dropping pounds...finally!

You don't have to choose between your health goals OR family dinners. You also don't have to spend hours planning for meals that nobody wants to eat. Wouldn't you rather have:

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A monthly membership designed to help you lose weight faster by giving you everything you need for anti-inflammatory eating, that is actually family-friendly!

Supper Club

Introducing the...

The Family Fork

Delicious dinner plans with anti-inflammatory options for YOU, plus conventional options for your family (without cooking extra meals!)

Save time with the exclusive Component Cooking approach: cook 3 full meals each week, and eat dinner for all 7 nights!

Recipes that everyone in your family will love (I'm looking at you, Pizza Meatballs!)

Monthly Lunch & Learn workshops, weekly live calls, and super speedy meal planning sessions

Challenges (with prizes!), bonus recipes, guest speakers, community of working moms (just like you!)...and so much more!

Inside the Supper Club you'll have access to resources that help you succeed:

Discover exactly what you'll get:

Take a look inside the Supper Club...

Reach your health goals with a mindset activity that helps you understand your brain, so you're in a success frame of mind.

Handy check list for getting started, grocery shopping lists, bonus dessert recipes, and access to our private community (on Slack).

14-day dinner plan with anti-inflammatory recipes for YOU, plus conventional options for your family (hello, bread and cheese!).

Extensive anti-inflammatory food list so you can stay on track, and make recipe substitutions as desired.

Fall in love with cooking (and eating!) again

Welcome kit

every month

Weekly live planning sessions so your recipes and grocery list are ready in less than 20 minutes (saving you precious time on the weekends!).

Bonus recipes for desserts and snacks, challenges (with prizes!), and daily support through the community Slack channel.

Each month you'll add a 7-day dinner plan to you growing library of delicious, family-friendly recipes.

Monthly live workshops to learn more about anti-inflammatory nutrition, Component Cooking, weight loss, meal planning, and more!

Welcome kit

Everything you need to stay on track (and have fun!)

every month

valued at $27

Lose weight faster with these low-impact, home workouts

Sample Workouts


valued at $97

Get an anti-inflammatory version of your favorite meal


Dressings and sauces to make your veggies sing!

valued at $47

Good For Your Gut
Dressings & Sauces


Gain exclusive access to these bonuses

Wait, that's not all!

Family Meal

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Are you ready for easy, healthy family dinners?

Tracy R.

It saves me time, and the added bonus is the weight loss and feeling great which in turn keeps me coming back for more!!"

"What I love most about your stuff is that it's simple, and I have the ingredients at home for the most part.

Erica P.

I have been on "diets" and different eating plans my whole life but can truly say this feels a little different. I've never cut out or substituted these foods. I can tell for example dairy, not eating it has been a huge difference. Also, I don't feel as bloated after I eat. I'm actually not craving sugar as much as I normally do. My energy has definitely improved."

"Thank you! I've been keeping it basic for now as I ease my way into this but it's going well. I have to say I have noticed A LOT of changes.

Melissa F.

They are SUPER simple, they are all things I would eat.
This is GOLD!"

"I can't wait to cook these meals!

Meagan S.

I'm so thankful for your excellent communication and willingness to share your journey with the world. I can tell you really care about others.
THANK YOU Ashley!"

"These recipes are awesome! Even my family is excited to eat them!

kind words

Real women, real results

As a mom of two, I know how hard it is to balance a full-time job, your family (and all their needs), plus your own health and wellness. Most days, something has to give...and it's usually you.

When I was working 60+ hours a week, commuting 2 hrs/day, and juggling life as a single mom, I was also battling weight gain, exhaustion, and sore joints. 

Once I learned that an anti-inflammatory diet could help, I went to work building meal plans that would improve my health and with recipes that my son would eat, too!

With barely any time in the evenings, and zero time for weekend meal prep, I created a plan that was fast, easy, and effective... and that helped me lose 55 lbs + have all-day energy!

Hi, I'm Ashley. I believe that if you don't love what you're eating, or you're hungry, you're doing it wrong!

Meet your guide

The secret is my Component Cooking approach: make 3 full dinners each week, while serving family-friendly meals all 7 nights of the week.

Easy recipes that kick-start weight loss, but are still family friendly

Efficient cooking methods, that say goodbye to traditional weekend meal prep

A meal plan filled with delicious, flavorful recipes, and doesn't leave you feeling deprived or left out

Success in losing weight loss (finally!), making it easier to stay on track...and keep going!

I stopped worrying about dinner, and started loving family meal time again, thanks to:

You've already tried sooo many approaches. They haven't worked for you and your family. You've tried. You've been persistent. But, it has probably felt like giving up (or giving in) was the "easier" option.

Now is your chance to put your health first, without sacrificing your family or your time. The Supper Club is where you need to be!

Imagine if you could actually enjoy family meal time again!

And now it's your turn!

All of the recipes in the Supper Club are anti-inflammatory. That means we're prioritizing protein, and rounding out the plate with veggies and carbs. If you want to have more energy (and lose weight!) you'll need to eat some veggies.

I really don't like veggies. Do the recipes include lots of vegetables?


If you have a knife, cutting board, and an oven, you'll be all set. On the nights that you cook full meals, expect to put in 30 minutes. Easy cook meals are ready in 15 minutes.

You say the recipes are easy...how easy is "easy"?


The key to not getting bored with food is to have lots of variety! The recipes include everything from American, Mexican, Indian, Greek, Italian...and bowls, hot from the grill, salads, soups. You're guaranteed to find something you (all!) like!

What are the recipes like? My family likes (insert: the food your family enjoys the most!)


I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

With the Supper Club, there are no monthly requirements. While the annual plan is the best value (saving you $65/year), you can cancel your monthly membership at anytime. You'll keep your bonuses and any resources you've collected during your membership.

What if I want to cancel my membership, or move into one of your other programs?


Family meals mean just that...family! Every family looks different: kids, no kids, multi-generational, friends-as-family. These meals will work for anyone in your house who eats.

My kids don't live at home anymore. Is Supper Club still a good program for me?


The goal of Supper Club is to simplify your life. Making brand new recipes every night is not easy (and you won't stick with it!) Over time, you'll build a library of weekly meal plans that you can rotate through. You'll automatically start the program with 21-days of meals.

It says we get a 7-day meal plan. Why don't you give a 4-week meal plan each month?


Gone are the days of spending hours in the kitchen. No more making a healthy meal for yourself, and another one for your family. 

It's time to bring in anti-inflammatory nutrition with a family-friendly approach that saves you time and effort every week.

Supper Club helps you
kick-start weight loss while enjoying your family meals

If you're ready to say goodbye to weekend meal prep

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Save $100 when you pay in full


Annual Plan (12 months)

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So, are you ready to save time
and reach your health goals?

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